How To Have An Easy Life

A small book of wisdom which finally unites everything... and leaves the rest to mathematicians!

Now available to download.


Gyerek was a little boy without heroes, or a library, or any knowledge of the great thinkers of our time. All his life he searched for a way to have an easy life, only to find that after calling the natural product of his efforts totalling, some of the principles incorporated had been recorded two-and-a-half thousand years ago (to his knowledge) and were probabley from far more ancient origins.

This is more than an e-book, it is an awakening leading to personal freedom. A new way of understanding the world and yourself and this awareness enables you to enjoy all things.


If you are completely happy and able to handle all the ups and downs of life now, and in the future, then this e-book is not for you.

Unfortunately there are very few of us who can claim such confidence, so a way to live without difficulty, disappointment and despair is described in this e-book. It all may sound a bit too easy, but the whole point is that it should be easy. It is wrong however to think that there will be no effort invloved. To return to your true personality requires you to recognise the role of image in your life.

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The author of How To Have an Easy Life has evolved the concepts of the book into an online course which is available for you at The foundation course provides the fundamental knowledge for continuing to the Life Management Training course, details of this can be found at The Life Management System (LMS) and Life Management Training (LMT) is the complete guide to being successful, content or happy.